Are soul and maka dating

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All fics need to be written newly for Resbang, and all fanart must be done newly for Resbang.These works must not have ever been publicly posted or shared prior to the assigned deadline.Artists are not limited to drawn/painted media— artists may make graphics, AMV’s, fanmixes, cosplays, photography, music compositions, fanfood, - anything creative as long as it pertains to the story they have claimed.Your range is broad, so if drawing isn’t your forte, don’t count yourself out!Anonymous posting is not available, so you must make a Jcink account/screen name to participate.Once you have a Jcink account, you can register via the .

Resbang is hosted by the Grigori Wings forum, which is a Jcink community. See the pressure from their nosy family members “Bisi when did you last date? Whenever they meet a man they’re already planing out the wedding Ha! Verily, a finely-honed mental and spiritual realm for transcending the crude conceptions of the male mind!"refers to a Japanese Media genre about sapphic romance and sexuality.

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