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What this looks like will be different in various churches.But when church leaders ask unmarried men to take on significant responsibilities, they demonstrate a belief that godly singleness is a tremendous asset to the body of Christ.While I was thrilled to get to know so many families, one wise woman saw the burnout coming.

In our current hands-off approach, many single adults are adrift and need help to meet and marry wisely because that’s not a priority in our culture.In my observation, the best resource the local church has is married men who befriend and mentor single men — not to “fix” them, but to invest in them as brothers.So, to help unmarried adults meet and marry well, the church needs to be proactive about creating contexts for singles to meet each other and live out dating relationships in the context of community.He suggested I create an advisory board to help me evaluate my invitations and schedule.The goal of the advisory board was to make sure I was not traveling too much.

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