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Andrew, is an important landmark in the history of Jamaica as it is the oldest denominational cemetery on the island and is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the Western' Hemisphere.

It was founded by the Jews of Port Royal in the latter part of the seventeenth century when a Jewish community flourished there. Jews who arrived there took a prominent part in its activities.

Today the cemetery has again fallen into disrepair.

Many of the old tombs have a: trilingual inscription - Portuguese, Hebrew and English.

NYC is an international city and you will find here kosher Jewish and ethnic restaurants of every cuisine.He is the chief editor of Jewish Pathways, and the senior editor of Rabbi Simmons previously served as Director of Outreach for Aish Ha Torah in Los Angeles, and is also the founding editor of Honest The oldest tomb is believed to be that of Abraham Gabay who died 6 NISAN 5432 (6th April, 1672).Other tombs dating from the seventeenth century are those of Isaac Narbaes 1686, Esther Baruh 1689 and Rachael de Castro 1696.

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