Dating site for lesbian

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Things i like to talk about is my cat , politics, books and anything unusual.Spontanity and fun is good for me and romantic gestures do it for me. Meeting other sisters gives me warm and fuzzy feelings for the joy of being in such company...Some said she didn’t think she fit their stereotype.

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No one had tried it, but everyone was excited by the prospect of a different type of dating app.

To that, Exton responds by saying user traffic is growing 30% per month.

But she declined to disclose how many users that translates into or any other details. “It’s about simplifying how to talk to girls.” A sentiment, straight men could probably agree with as well.

“And with Tinder, you swipe and swipe and then, it’s like ‘Oh crap, she was cute. If both users “like” each other, they are matched and will be able to send messages to one another.

I just rejected her and she’s gone forever.’” Nothing existed for lesbians designed by lesbians until Her came along in September of 2013. Exton herself is gay, and says her San Francisco-based team is made up of four queer women and two straight guys. The profiles are reminiscent of Pinterest, the virtual bulletin board where users can “pin” favorite pictures.

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