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In my husband's world, "hooking up" means getting together for the purpose of sexy-time. While kids my age were listening to Bobbie Sherman and Donny Osmond, I was head-banging to Led Zepplin and The Who.

You ought to see the glazed look that comes over his eyes when I announce I am "hooking up" with a few friends for lunch. My husband, however, grew up with old-school rappers like KRS1 and Public Enemy.

For example, when one of the knobs in the shower completely blew off and water jetted out of it like Niagara Falls, my husband tried to stuff a wash cloth in the hole while I went outside, turned off the water, called a plumber, then went back to the couch to watch trashy TV.

Fairly standard procedure for the circumstance but I have to give him credit for trying to be creative. Video Games: Nintendo released its first console in 1983 and playing video games became a huge part of every kid's life.

Says the 2011 graduate of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma in Edo State, South-South Nigeria: “I’m a bi-sexual edo girl who loves fun..i need friendships that will last and interesting people to share my life with...” Joy, who is from Ekpoma, discloses that she is in a relationship that is “complicated.” On her favourite quotation she writes: “I Love men and women..and out of the bedroom...” She then begs: “pls call me so i can find s’one real....” In one post, she writes: “Hey Guys, I’m a 25 year old bi-sexual Benin girl serving as a corper in one of the military hospitals in Lagos.

I’m fun, outgoing, and ready for some action with both men and women. I work as a biomedical laboratory assistant people!

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When I see he has chosen soda and Oreos for dinner again, I whip off my clothes and say "Don't let this happen to you. My husband was 10 at the time and, for many years up to and through college, his socializing with friends including gaming. Practicing for Retirement: My husband is at the pinnacle of his career and spends much time on education, networking, and working long hours.I was twenty in 1983 and thought video games were for weird, nerdy guys who spent all their time in their parent's basement. Junk Mail: While my husband receives mail advertisements for vacations to exotic lands, the latest exercise equipment, and GQ-esque magazines, I receive ads for urinary incontinence products, end-of-life planning services, and cemetery plots with lovely views of a serene lake. If I weren't waiting for a check from my new Nigerian friend who emailed me for help with a wire transfer, I wouldn't check the mail at all. I, on the other hand, am exhausted from so many years of the daily grind and prefer to spend my days scheming how to get out of work and into something fun.In the Yoruba culture, when people pray that a man should not leave the world through the same entrance by which he came into it, then something is apparently wrong with the sex drive of such a man.However, saying the same kind of prayer for Uroko Onoja might be a case of flogging a dead horse, as it is too late, after he was allegedly raped to death by his very own six (6) wives in the early hours of Tuesday.

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