Intimidating deutsch

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Schiappa, 31, told RTL radio in an interview that the new law, to be voted on next year, would among other things impose on-the-spot fines on people harassing women in the streets or indulging in lecherous behavior in public.

The latter legislation comes in response to the controversial case of a man who is being prosecuted only for sexual abuse and not rape because his victim, aged just 11, is considered under French law to have given her consent.Schiappa said that they would among other things discuss the level of the fine.Some countries, such as Portugal and Argentina, already have laws banning street harassment and catcalling.In 1960 Andreasson returned to Sweden and started working at Malmö Flygindustri where he designed an improved version of the BA-7 that went into production as the MFI-9 Junior.Changes included a larger cockpit and the powerplant was now a Continental O-200-A flat-four-cylinder air-cooled piston engine giving 75 k W (100 HP).

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