Laws against dating coworkers

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(That, of course, speaks volumes when even the union rep is afraid to talk with an employee!)IDOT put her on paid administrative leave and required her to undergo an IME with a psychiatrist.Painter sued IDOT, alleging that it had violated the ADA by forcing her to attend “unnecessary” medical examinations.The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed and found both psychiatric IMEs to be job-related and consistent with business necessity.Deanna Painter was as an Office Administrator for the Illinois Department of Transportation.Previous coworkers complained about Painter’s behavior, stating that she frequently snapped and screamed at them, gave intimidating stares, ranted, mumbled to herself, and banged drawers in her office.The psychiatrist reviewed extensive additional notes, emails, and documents regarding Painter’s behavior.

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After her return, complaints from coworkers started anew.Melvin has not asked for time off or any sort of workplace accommodation, but you are concerned about whether Melvin is capable of performing his job, or worse, whether he presents a threat to the safety of himself or his coworkers.Can you make Melvin undergo an independent medical exam (IME) to assess his mental fitness to work?You always retain the final decision, but we aid in the assessment and manage the intake, interactive process, recordkeeping, follow-up, and more. Department of Labor today announced a 90-day delay – from January 1 to April 1, 2018 – of the applicability date for ERISA plans to comply with the December 16, 2016, “Final Rule” amending the claims procedure requirements applicable to disability benefits.[T]he delay of the applicability date announced is intended to give interested stakeholders the opportunity to submit, and for the Department to consider, data and information related to concerns by some insurance industry and employer groups, and some members of Congress, that the claims procedure amendments will drive up disability benefit plan costs, cause an increase in litigation and, in so doing, impair workers’ access to disability insurance benefits.Our expert team of ADA Specialist is at the ready with practical advice and expert guidance. The DOL published a notice in the Federal Register on Oct.

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