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Moreover, the khimar was never rooted in religious precept — it was rooted in custom.

Modifications for its use were introduced into Islamic practice when the religion spread into Byzantine and Persian territories, where once again the head dress was prevalent as a social custom.

Yet, in the past few decades, Islamists and orthodox Muslims have made the covering of a woman’s head the cornerstone of Muslim identity.

The head cover been pushed as a symbol of piety and only the Egyptian and Saudi version of the head cover — the hijab — is considered worthy of respect.

This was the argument when young Asmahan Mansour was barred from a soccer league in Quebec, as she refused to remove her hijab while playing the sport.

Quebec’s electoral officer recently moved to disallow fully veiled Muslim women from voting, as they would not be able to identify themselves adequately.

The was also a symbol of class and distinction rather than of religion precept in pre-Islamic and early Islamic history.

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Beyond fashion, however, this supposed symbol of modesty has assumed a decidedly political and religious tenor, dominating the debate on civil liberties and religious freedoms in the West.

Any opposition to the hijab is viewed as a manifestation of Islamophobia.

April 18, 2007 By Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah The Globe and Mail, Toronto Originally a source of modesty, the hijab, or Muslim head scarf, has become a political tool.

Its latest manifestation came this week with the sight of 10-year old Muslim girls refusing to give up their hijab in a Quebec tae kwon do tournament, when the helmets would have served the same purpose of modesty and much more.

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