Reasons for dating a softball player

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She won't question if you need a boys' night, and she won't text you on your night out, asking what you're doing and who you're talking to.

She'll leave you be because she understands the importance of relationships outside of your relationship, and she will always respect those lines and the people who are important to you. In relationships, she will forgive you, she won't hold things against you and she understands no one is perfect.

You have to do your best to shake it off and keep going.

Volleyball players know they are tough, and they are trained to get right back up after every fall. When you two have a disagreement, she will always handle herself with grace and poise.

She'll work through problems and will give it her all.

She's probably been hit in the face by one of the top college volleyball players in the state, gotten a bloody nose or a minor concussion at some point in her playing career.

Like a team, you both want a successful relationship, and the only way to accomplish that is by learning from each other.

Unlike other sports, once a team gets too far ahead, it's hopeless to keep trying.

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You need to know what hitter to set to if one of your hitters is having a bad day. She will learn from you and will make the proper adjustments.

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