Rumors about wilmer valderrama dating ashlee simpson

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Demi Lovato, who Valderrama has been dating since she turned 18 (he was 30). He calls her his “fucking soul mate.” Minka Kelly, who Valderrama dated while he was on a break with his “fucking soul mate.” That’s who he has dated, but the question remains: Why? “Drakkar reminds me of me, and I love me.” He seems kind of gross, no?

But apparently women — or at least, certain celebrity women who fit a certain type — like this grossness in a man.

In the real world, it’s hard for an under-employed 34-year-old who wears Drakkar Noir and rocks a soul patch to cop so much as a Tinder match. The former That ‘70s Show star and current Hollywood lothario must be doing something right—in between shooting cult-classics like From Prada to Nada and voicing the cartoon character Manny on Handy Manny, he's managed to date some of the hottest women in the business.

Just this week, several alleged photos of Wilmer and his current 21-year-old girlfriend, Demi Lovato, found their way on to the World Wide Web.

In fact, here’s the list of Valderrama’s girlfriends over the years (he’s only 35).

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who Valderrama rates as an “eight” out of 10 in the sack.

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You've already dated the gayest Jonas brother, so we know your relationship compass doesn't exactly point due North. Why he hasn't been forced into celebate monkhood yet?

I'm no expert, but it seems like some guy who has already gone on national radio to exploit his girlfriends and publicly announce incredibly private details about them I DON'T KNOW. Why women still sign up for his "I banged that" club?

Mandy Moore, of whom Valderrama says the sex was good but not “like warm apple pie.” Avirl Lavigne, who Valderrama dated right after her divorce. Valderrama was her “first love.” They dated while she was still 17.

They lived together, and she wrote an emotional song about their break-up.

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