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It seems to still be available on their Bandcamp so I’m not terribly late in recommending them.

There are 7 songs in total, “London”, “A Mess”, “We’re Not Here”, “Progress”, “Stories”, “Confidence” and “Anxious”.

They are “Days of Our Lives”, “She Walks Away”, “Desert Song”, “Bee Song”, “Was It You”, “Listen to the Radio”, “Never Realised”, “Superman”, “Fadeaway”, “Northern Angel”, “In My Head” and “Almost Prayed”.I hope there’s a way for me to get a copy of this!!Just Blankets: lastly some punky pop from Brighton, UK, from this girl-fronted quartet.If you haven’t checked them out yet we have one of their songs streaming on Sound Cloud.Check out “Detective” and you can of course order the record from our website. Those who are on Instagram and follow me might have seen the work in process form the artwork for our next Cloudberry Cake Kitchen release. We are doing a full retrospective for The County Fathers from Manchester!

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