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No matter how old you are, it's always a good time to read YA.OK - you've probably noticed on the Apple App Store that i Pad apps cost more - sometimes a LOT more - than their i Phone equivalents. Many of the best free i Phone apps cost money in their i Pad incarnations, and the quality level of what's still free for the tablet is often ropey.I've been so in love with young adult books this year.Reading young adult (even though I'm an adult-adult) brings me back to that time.

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Flicking back and forth between filters and results can irk, but the app at least does so quickly and efficiently.But among the dross lie rare gems – i Pad apps that are so good you can't believe they're still free.Of those we unearthed, here's our pick of the best free i Pad apps.The only downside is not being able to block specific exercises if, for example, you don’t have access to a chair, or cannot perform them due to accessibility a drawing tool, designed to be realistic, versatile, and usable.

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