Who is matt nathanson dating

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Nettles was still part of Sugarland at the time, but fans and critics seemed to love the fresh pairing, saying that Nettles and Nathanson's voices sounded nice together. The duo also created a music video, which featured clips from their CMA Awards performance that year.

All in all, "Run" did pretty well on the charts, hitting No. There's been no further chatter on social media to indicate what, exactly, Nettles and Nathanson are working on, but fans are eager to hear more.

Both he and Nettles are staying busy with (separate) tour dates through the end of the year.

Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson is releasing his 10th album, "Show Me Your Fangs," October 2 and even after all these years, he says he still has inspiration in abundance.

“I’m such a nerd for music still,” Nathanson replies without hesitation.

“I’m the only person I know who still seeks out new music.

and now she’s a thief.” As ONTD points out, his 2003 song “I Saw” and her new one “All Too Well” share a pretty specific lyric: “And I/I’ll forget about you long enough to forget why I need(ed) to.” So he has a point.

And as for her already being a fan, the proof is in the penmanship.

See, Swift does this thing where she writes lyrics that she likes on her arm before shows, and on July 20, 2011, she wore one of his “Queen of (K)nots” lines across her left bicep.

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